Business partnership

Постоянно открываем новые возможности
для жизни и бизнеса.

Логистическая компания предлагает
владельцам бизнеса и компаниям в России,
уникальную возможность доставки любого
груза из Европы и стран ЕС в Россию через Узбекистан. В обход любых санкций.


Пишите или звоните! Наш менеджер уже ждет
вашего звонка и хочет подробно ответить
на все ваши вопросы.
Вы оплачиваете только за вес товара, растаможку
мы делаем сами. Товар забираете со склада
в Москве.
05.01.2023 20:53
В связи со сложившейся ситуацией предлагаем
рассмотреть возможность сотрудничества с казахстанской компанией (ТОО с историей, ИП с историей, рассмотрим создание совместного предприятия) для бизнеса С Европой/США/Китай через Казахстан. Мы можем предложить Вам следующие направления в сотрудничестве:
- поставка систем и оборудования зарубежного
- полное сопровождение прямых поставок
Заказчику продукции иностранного производства (техническая поддержка, логистика, таможенный консалтинг).
- в случае возникновения общих интересов
на территории Республики Казахстан, взаимовыгодное сотрудничество в т.ч. открытие производства.
- также рассматриваем оптовую торговлю
продуктами, сырьем, прочими товарами;
Склад, инфраструктуру возможно организовать
в г. Алматы.
Наличие офиса в г. Алматы.
Надеемся на Вашу заинтересованность в
нашем предложении.
Будем рады плодотворному и взаимовыгодному
18.07.2022 18:24
I will briefly describe my offer.
If you have an idea, find out the details and have a clear understanding, let me know.
Additional investment is required in already built small-scale housing in Moscow and the Moscow region.
Extremely high demand in the market.
The term of the transaction is from 1.5 to 3 months.
Investor's profit from 10% of the transaction.
Minimum risks: housing is issued to the investor or his authorized representatives.
The process is continuous.
Tested by real practice.
With an annual Deposit guaranteed up to 48 % per annum.
The Deposit at the first stage is from 7 to 40 million rubles. In the subsequent stages, it is practically unlimited with similar profitability.
All the details of this project are ready to send in writing, as well as ready to explain by phone and in person.
11.03.2022 20:40
Our company -  is an expert in the field of real estate investing. We are in Moscow and have all the information about the commercial real estate market.  We want to invite investors from China, Vietnam, Thailand and other countries to invest in commercial real estate in Moscow. Average profitability on objects from 10 to 12% per year. The payback period is 7-9 years. We evaluate the object, analyze the lease agreement with the lessee and make a conclusion about the investment attractiveness of the object. The cost of the premises is from 1.5 million dollars. In order to make a request, you can send us an email with your wishes for the object and the amount of investment. After that, we will select three checked objects with all the parameters from which you can make a choice. In order for you to receive income and not think about problems with the object, we provide a property management service. You can simply receive income on your current account. All issues related to tenants, exploitation, government bodies, we will take over. We look forward to collaborating. Best regards,  General Director - Evgeny Gulyaev.
Мы говорим на русском. We speak English.
11.03.2022 20:40
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11.03.2022 20:40
LLC  looks for the investor partner
The construction company  LLC, Moscow (from 2009 has the necessary licenses , the positive experience with government contracts), perform construction work as a General Contractor, Subcontractor, as well as perform the functions of the Customer.
The construction company LLC AalfA looks for the investor partner, for mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation, in implementation in the territory of Russia and the CIS of construction projects of any level.
We offer our partner to work together:
1.  Participation in auctions and tenders for the state order, work on the General contract, subcontracting.
2.  Participation in" short-term projects " investment contracts (multi-storey residential buildings, low-rise houses, cottage settlements, etc.) the project implementation period is up to 2-3 years.
3. Participation in projects for the construction of shopping malls, office centers, complex development of territories, etc.
In partnership, we will create the most favorable mode of work for the partner, taking into account his interests and activities.
Any effective forms of cooperation that yield concrete results are welcome.                                                                                                                                                  
With respect, to you and to your real proposals!
Die Baufirma in Moskau (Arbeitet seit 2009 hat die notwendigen Lizenzen, positive Erfahrung mit der staatlichen BESTELLUNG), wird Bauarbeiten als Generalunternehmer, Subunternehmer durchfuhren, und wir werden die Funktionen des Kunden erfullen.
Die Baufirma sucht nach einem partnerinvestor, fur eine gegenseitig vorteilhafte und langfristige Zusammenarbeit, in der Umsetzung in Russland und der GUS-Bauprojekte auf jeder Ebene.
Wir bieten dem Partner die Zusammenarbeit an:
1.  Teilnahme an Auktionen und Wettbewerben auf Regierungsauftrag, Arbeit als Generalunternehmer, Subunternehmer.
2.  Teilnahme an "kurzen Projekten" Investitionsvertrage (mehrstockige Wohnhauser, Low-Rise-Hauser, Feriendorfer, etc. ) die Dauer der Umsetzung von Projekten bis zu 2-3 Jahren.
3. Teilnahme an Projekten fur den Bau von Einkaufszentren, Burozentren, komplexe Gebaude von Territorien und so weiter.
Alle wirksamen Formen der Zusammenarbeit, die ein bestimmtes Ergebnis bringen, sind willkommen.                                                                                                                                                  
Mit freundlichen GRU?EN, zu Ihnen und zu Ihren wirklichen
11.03.2022 20:40
In order to implement our business in the oil market, we need a working capital of at least 500 million euros.  
Interested in investments, investors.  
We are ready to purchase financial instruments (BG / SBLC) to secure a credit line.
Please send your suggestions to our email address.
11.03.2022 20:40
Business offer
I appeal to companies looking for promising innovative projects (inventions, breakthrough technologies), investment management and international project financing. I invented a river flow power plant ( damless ). I am ready to sell the whole invention for a one-time payment + Royalty.

Valery RUDENKO, Ph.D.
Honored Inventor of RUSSIA
Honored Inventor of MOLDOVA
11.03.2022 20:40
I am looking for partners in a new, successful Internet project, which is more than 2 years old. To work, you do not need to open an office and hire employees. Work for yourself from any region of the country.
The task of the partners is to attract the target audience to this Internet project. Now is the time of the Internet, technology and information. A lot of professions appear on the net. And this is an adequate manifestation of the current development.
The project is being developed by the foreign company.

The advantages of working in Company:
- ? Accessibility of the entrance - 1000 rubles (13.59$)
- ?Payments in each matrix.
- ?Influences from upline mentors help newcomers get paid faster!
- ? Each of your clones (gift spots from the company) brings you the same income as the main account, which makes your payouts endless.
- ?Automatic placement of clones from top to bottom, from left to right saves you from the routine work of calculating the structure and allows you to easily build large teams.
- ?Activation of a business place is one-time and everyone can afford it. There are no additional fees or proof of qualifications.
- ?Automatic transition through the matrix m provides you and your partners with the maximum benefit without losing income.
- ? Thanks to competently - calculated marketing, it is patented in the company, there is a fast closed matrix, which gives you the opportunity to reach high payments on the upper matrices in the shortest possible time.

In our company there are 4 types of sites for earning:
- Lime - ruble
- Bitlaym - equal to the exchange rate
- Auto program
- Housing.

Company advantages:
- Anti-pyramid marketing
- Loyal entrance
- No monthly fees
- No Personal turnover
- Entry strategies to accelerate financial results.
- Income does not depend on the turnover of the team
- No income limit
- No sales.
- Accrual of funds on the same day.
- Payments to any cards and e-wallets
- Ability to make money on four sites at once with one structure.
- Completely team business
- Accompanying to the result 24/7.

Make a decision, become a part of the team, grow steadily, financially and develop in the company.
Join the most powerful team in the Russian Federation and abroad, gain financial independence.
Start changing your life now. Do not waste time - write to watt-sup or mail.
I will send a presentation, marketing, invitation to the project, etc.
11.03.2022 13:51
We are interested in business partners in the field of water treatment/energy saving. We produce water hardness neutralizers, protection against scale and corrosion.

Best results if used with:
- House pipelines;
- Heating systems;
- Cooling and humidifying systems;
- Water heaters;
- Steam generator;
- Commercial washing systems;
- Heat exchangers;
- Irrigation systems;
- Membrane water treatment systems.

Features and stand outs:
- Design and efficiency proven by 18 years’ success;
- Dual-layer water protection of magnetic elements;
- Magnetic field, generated by powerful neodymium magnets, completely encapsulated in the case;
- Key parts manufactured from stainless steel ;
- Even distribution of magnetic field in the applied area;
- Fivefold water treatment during one session;
- No replacement parts, additional filters or cartridges required;
- No flow obstruction – no additional load for the pump;
- Can be integrated into any pipeline, including steel ones;
- Can operate in multi-directional water flow environment;
- No dependency on installation angle. Horizontal, vertical or anything in between;
- Three-year warranty period;
- Flawless quality and safety since 2002
11.03.2022 13:51
To carry out our activities in the oil market, we need a working capital of at least 300 million euros.
We are interested in the structures of funds that are interested in investing.
We are ready to provide (BG) to secure a loan from leading European banks.
Please send your suggestions to our email address.
11.03.2022 13:51
We have created a School of talents for women in Russia. Our goal is to help women to discover their potential, to find their pros, raise their self-esteem and fulfill their mission in life.
For more than 10 years we have been successfully conducting seminars, trainings, and consultations in Russia and abroad (Kazakhstan, Germany, USA).

Now our company is expanding our activities at the international level and is looking for partners in Europe, Asia, and in the UAE.
We invite you to become the organizers for women's training in your city.
Topics are very popular and relevant for women:

1. How to find a labor of life and work with great pleasure.
2. How to understand what kind of talent you have and start making a profit for its implementation
3. Goal setting and planning. How a woman can dream, get ideas, implement it in her life.
4. How to combine business and family without loss
5. How to successfully get married and build a relationship with your loved one.

We are ready to conduct these seminars in English, German, and Russian languages.
The profit is divided 50/50 between the organizer and the speaker.
We are ready to provide feedback from our students on your request, as well as discuss the details of cooperation.
Please contact us via our e-mail.
11.03.2022 13:51
GROUP is an export supplier of safflower | wheat, grown on the territory of the Russian Federation. All of our products are grown exclusively by environmentally friendly methods, and do not contain GMOs. The main criteria by which we select the farm enterprises, whose products are supplied to our partners, are as follows:
1) Only natural products.
2) High quality without exception.
3) NO GMOs.

we supply the following crops:
Chickpeas, soybeans, barley, wheat, oats, camelina, buckwheat, lentils, rapeseed and many other cultures.
We also have the capacity to supply flour of different sorts, ready-made food products (honey, safflower, mustard and linseed oil, confectionery items).

Contact us if you have any questions. We are glad to make new acquaintances and to do honest and mutually profitable business.
Russian goods are, above all things, products of quality!
11.03.2022 13:51
CLIENT – seeking capital. There are two things that typically prevent a client from success.
lack of management, skills or knowledge
The Problem : trying to raise the money yourself is extremely difficult
The Solution : via ULA - utilizing a "templated' proven system

Note: Many make the mistake of believing that they can accomplish their goals on their own. It has taken Agency years to formulate processes, establish relationships and create systems that work without failure. To those who think that they can achieve their goals on their own – we wish them luck. To those who are serious, the best advice we can give is to stick to the system that works. Follow the instructions as given and success will be achieved. Do NOT try to alter the system.

AGENC Yis a Canadian company incorporated under the laws of Ontario specializing in commodity deals around the world. Of primary concern are the Energy sectors, Power Stations and Oil Products including refined and crude oil. AGENCY has established relationships and an unalterable formula that guarantees success utilizing the know-how, access to incredible financing options and a global team of experts.

MERCHANT BANK (to be disclosed upon signing)
AGENCY has Joint Ventured with a Merchant Bank that has an offshore closed investment operation utilizing investment trusts and financial reserves owned by sovereign governments. It has a highly skilled team of veteran financial, construction, technical, engineering, consulting and production personnel.

Certain projects are considered highly desirable: Energy, Resources, Existing Mining, International Projects, Proven and/or producing Gas and Oil wells and Refineries. Depending on the type of project some of the following aspects are required: proven track records, reservoir reserves, operational costs, property valuation and project pricing.

In order for a project to be financed, a money SWIFT is issued to a Trust Account with ULA in the amount of $5 million dollars to establish a public shell company with the capital input . All auditing occurs via one of 4 major international auditing firms (see below). ULA may establish a 50/50 split formula in one of 2 ways:


JOINT VENTURE: Only appropriate, qualified and acceptable Joint Ventures are undertaken. We ensure significant financing is in place and offer contracts for the delivery of commodities directly from the producing entity.

CLIENT: It is expected that the Client participates in the development of operations.

MERCHANT BANKER: A Management team is put in place to oversee world-wide operations. This team assures that each project has the necessary human resources to achieve ultimate production success (lawyers, engineers, accountants, consultants, technical team and support staff).

ANALYSIS: An approval process takes place through a specific formula for success. A key component of the formula uses carefully designed “templates”. The templates must be filled out and adhered to without alteration. This proven system does not tolerate any changes. The Client MUST follow protocol or risk rejection.

ACCOUNTANTS OF RECORD: Investment Criteria is evaluated by one of four international accounting firms. They also administer the royalty flows for the corporation.

CANADIAN FEDERAL GOVERNMENT’S EXPORT DEVELOPMENT (EDC) approval required: EDC considers and evaluates the transaction’s potential benefit to Canada through a variety of factors. EDC’s strength is in financial services, innovative insurance and bonding products, international networks and its in-depth analysis of global economic conditions.
STRATEGY: The strategy includes using experienced, international operators and a proven system. ULA also assists in establishing the following:

Accountant of Record
Bank of Record
Contractor's of Record etc.
11.03.2022 13:51
More details on the proposal.
1. Worked out and at the signing of the order of 10-15 a contract with elevators and farms. Do not put a print(not an investor)!
Volume according to conservative estimates, about 50-200T. Tons) three to five positions
- wheat class 3.4
- barley (feed)
- corn
2. Implementation.
2.1 export Iran's preparedness and d?cor representative of their business elite. Strong connection. Already back tightly, ready to give good orders, both single and from 9мес to 4 years.
2.2 Export Turkey orders nowhere to go. It is necessary to calculate, but the yield on transactions is not less than 35-50% and above. With elevators give for example wheat from 4,500 to 7,500 with VAT. The implementation reaches up to 120,000.
2.3. export Egypt, Thailand, Korea. Work has been carried out in these areas and there are ties. Information river.
3. Readiness. On elevators communication is controlled by the former Deputy of the state Duma.
I'm working on sales.
There is a specialist in logistics. And he is also the liaison to the ports.
There is a partner with their cars more than 50 PCs., Too, at the start. We do not give anyone to keep under this program.
There are specialists in working with process variables, loading, warehousing, etc.
In General, the picture is the most favorable.
Also worked buyers in Russia but here the yield does not exceed 15% and you need to work very hard to get out.
It is important for the foreign markets we pass in years. From there, the waste flows of vegetables, such as Iran more (10-50 names of vegetables fruits) ie empty karabl do not plan to. But it is on the rise. Here very strong, at the moment communications in networks, the State biddings!!! And multiple pre-orders for East of GMT.
Investor ready to give 50%> what, all transactions are prepared in advance. The required volume of investments from 50 to 500 million With the larger portfolio . The more purchases and sales, respectively. Limitations well beyond the capacity of the team.
11.03.2022 13:51