Looking for representatives to organize women

We have created a School of talents for women in Russia. Our goal is to help women to discover their potential, to find their pros, raise their self-esteem and fulfill their mission in life.
For more than 10 years we have been successfully conducting seminars, trainings, and consultations in Russia and abroad (Kazakhstan, Germany, USA).

Now our company is expanding our activities at the international level and is looking for partners in Europe, Asia, and in the UAE.
We invite you to become the organizers for women's training in your city.
Topics are very popular and relevant for women:

1. How to find a labor of life and work with great pleasure.
2. How to understand what kind of talent you have and start making a profit for its implementation
3. Goal setting and planning. How a woman can dream, get ideas, implement it in her life.
4. How to combine business and family without loss
5. How to successfully get married and build a relationship with your loved one.

We are ready to conduct these seminars in English, German, and Russian languages.
The profit is divided 50/50 between the organizer and the speaker.
We are ready to provide feedback from our students on your request, as well as discuss the details of cooperation.
Please contact us via our e-mail.
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