Proposal for cooperation in wholesale business

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Город: Москва
Дата: 2018-06-11
GROUP is an export supplier of safflower | wheat, grown on the territory of the Russian Federation. All of our products are grown exclusively by environmentally friendly methods, and do not contain GMOs. The main criteria by which we select the farm enterprises, whose products are supplied to our partners, are as follows:
1) Only natural products.
2) High quality without exception.
3) NO GMOs.

we supply the following crops:
Chickpeas, soybeans, barley, wheat, oats, camelina, buckwheat, lentils, rapeseed and many other cultures.
We also have the capacity to supply flour of different sorts, ready-made food products (honey, safflower, mustard and linseed oil, confectionery items).

Contact us if you have any questions. We are glad to make new acquaintances and to do honest and mutually profitable business.
Russian goods are, above all things, products of quality!

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