Investment project in year-round ski resort

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Город: Калининград
Дата: 2018-04-17
Dear Sirs, Hello!
We have an investment project in the year-round ski resort Pamporovo - Bulgaria, who want to offer for consideration and funding on mutually beneficial terms.
1. Investment project - "Construction of a closed residential complex in the ski, the year-round resort Pamporovo - Bulgaria", consisting of 15 villas, chalets, area - 150 sq.m. each body and the administrative building - 1150 square meters, including 14 apartments (three of them - Maisonette)
The main objectives of the investment project is to extract the maximum profit from the investment fund in this business, job creation and the development of the company, in order to most of the company stock price in the stock market.
Plot - 5014 sq.m.
Number of villas - 15pcs.
unit area - 150 m2
Each alpine villa of solid reinforced concrete construction and bricks. The construction and decoration using modern high-quality materials to meet all European standards. The villas will be full of heat and waterproofing, electrical wiring, plumbing, telephone, Internet and satellite TV. Each villa consists of 3 bedrooms, living room with kitchen area, large terrace and 2 bathrooms.
All villas are equipped according to the standards of 5-star hotels, are sold with finishing "turnkey", including also kitchen furniture (excluding household appliances, fully equipped bathrooms, a fireplace in the living room)
(Explanation of the project)
Project alpine cottages in Pamporovo (Smolyan lakes in the mountains, not far from building "LUKOIL")
Communication: to adjacent land owned by our own company (Pamporovo) were all communications with regard to their use for the proposed project, documented agreement on their use for this project, too, have (signed preliminary contracts with electricity suppliers and water supply). This makes it possible to connect the communication to the project quickly and easily.
only necessary to receive permission for the construction of the project (30-45 days from the date of delivery of the working draft).
Dates: Deadline of the project, including landscaping, gardening, and so on, is 15 to 18 months
Duration of sales - 36 months from the beginning of the construction process.
Payback period - up to 22 months.
The total amount of the project under the "key" - 1 800 000 EUR.
Net present value - 800,000 - 1 million EUR.

Desired credit conditions:
• The loan amount - 1 800 000 EUR.
• Service life - 36 months
• Using the funds in three equal installments for 1 year or a one-time payment.
• The interest rate for the use of the loan does not exceed - 10%. (In EUR)
• Grace period on repayment of principal - 1 year.
• Frequency of repayment of the principal - 90 days (quarter).
• The grace period for the payment of interest for 1 year. Accrued during the grace period, interest is capitalized and increase the principal amount of debt.
• Frequency of calculation and payment of interest - 90 days (quarter)
• The total amount of credit taking into account the capitalized interest - 2.34 million EUR
• Repayment of the loan and interest payments over the - 8 quarters since the beginning of investment.
• The amount and accrued interest paid - 540 000 EUR.

• Local heating
• Electricity
• Water
• Central sewerage
• Balcony
• Bathroom with toilet
• External insulation
• Laminate flooring
• PVC windows
• Painted walls
• Shower
• Equipped bathroom
• Gated Complex
• Concierge
• Lift
• Mountain View
• Forest View
• The Internet
• Cable TV
area features
• GSM coverage
• Cable TV
• The Internet
• Bus stop
• Supermarket
• Car wash
• Grocery store
• No industry
• Pharmacy
• The hairdresser
• A restaurant
• A cafe
• Church
• SPA-center
• Digital TV
• Sports ground
• The closest airport is in Plovdiv, about 80 km. (An hour away, by car, on a beautiful paved road to the sea!)
• The nearest town Smolyan, about 10 km.

 Автор: Юрий Савченко
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Investment project in year-round ski resortInvestment project in year-round ski resortInvestment project in year-round ski resortInvestment project in year-round ski resortInvestment project in year-round ski resort